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The Master Root Man "Conjure Man"


Who Else Wants to Use the Magical Powers of

the Conjure Man’s Bag to

Help them Get What they Want?”

If  you really want the powers of the real backwoods down home Southern Root Conjure man Magic  to Help you…

      • Attract Money

      • Real Love

      • The Powers to Control Your Loved one

      •  Or Just Become downright Really Lucky in the Lottery Numbers and any Games of Chance

Then read on and learn how these Handmade Conjurer Bags

 have helped so many people and how these Conjure Bags can help you!



If you have been really looking for that old fashioned, old-time Spiritual help, that special spiritual help that has helped so many people to really get what they want, then you just found it here!

Here is real Old Fashion Psychic magical help. That type of spiritual help that your grandmother and grandfather would talk about in secret and use whenever they had real life problems.

Special problems that need real spiritual help, the type of spiritual help that only a late night trip in the deep woods to see the “Conjurer Man or Root Man” can only do to help you solve your most serious problems.

The type of problems with that nasty neighbor, an unfaithful lover, legal problems or just hard unexplained bad luck. 

All these problems were solved by the Conjure man who would take care of the problems with a Root Bag!

So powerful was the Conjure Man powers that the saying among experienced African Americans when something suddenly went wrong in your life , or when you suddenly have love, money or bad luck problems, they would say someone has put roots on your ass, or someone one rooted you up.

Today the younger people and those who do not know about the old real time Psychic ways would say that “someone cursed them”.

But the wise Voodoo Masters and real expert Psychic Workers, know that the most powerful spell that anyone can ever do to you is through natural means of herbs and roots! 

This is why for many years, before the Internet, fast foods and instant so called Psychic workers, thousands of people would travel in secret all the way down south to find a real good “Root Worker” to get that special job done. 

The Conjure Man’s powers were so strong that many people reported that by the time they would get back home after telling the Root man about their problems, their special problems were solved!

Such is the Powers of the Master Root Worker and Conjure Man


"The Real Secret Behind The Psychic 
Magical Powers of the Root Worker"


The Root Worker has spent their entire life studying nature and working with many nature Spirits. One of the most proven and effective ways in helping themselves and their clients is by making and using special Magical Bags called Conjure Bags

These special powerful Conjure Bags have helped many of my special clients to become very successful in all areas of their life and these same Conjure Bags can help you too.

A Conjure Bag is made up from seven, nine or 21 secret herb’s, magical powders, and stones.

The main secret why each Conjure Bag is so special is because each Bag is personally made and blessed for one special client only and not mass produced for the masses.

Each Conjure Bag is made up with special magical powerful items that have been carefully selected from different places of powers and with spiritual permission from the spirits of that place, such as Banks, Gambling places, whore houses, hospitals, court houses, graveyards and lakes according to the client’s needs and what is needed to help them.

So what makes these Conjure Bags different from Ju Ju and other Lucky Bags is that all Conjure Bags are for SHORT TIME USE ONLY! A sad fact that is left out by many inexperienced Spiritual Workers and online overnight Psychic stores.

Which means, that you can only carry these Bags on you for only a short time and after that short time you must secretly hide them in your home or secretly place them on someone’s door step, or in their home to release the powers that are in the Conjure Bag.

Since all Conjure Bags are not prepared the same way, you must select the right Conjure Bag below to help you overcome your problems.

That is why each Bag is made personally to help you with your problems, because each Conjure Bag is made to Conjure up that spirit that is specially made for that problem.


The Master root workers Conjure Bags
Just pick out which Bag you will need to help you
overcome your problems.

Money Conjure Bags: to attract money, to find money, to overcome your money problems


Good Luck Conjure Bags: to attract good luck, to remove bad luck, to help you become lucky in all things


Remove Evil Spells Conjure Bags: to send back all bad luck, to be free from secret evil vibrations.


Court Cases Conjure Bags: to help you win lawsuits, to help you overcome your legal problems


Sexual Seduction Conjure Bags: to cause others to lust after you to attract willing sexual partners


Cursing Power Conjure Bags: to curse others, to make others poor and have very bad luck in all things


Healing Conjure Bags: to help you overcome strange sickness and to help improve your mind and body with good health



Gambling Bags: to help you become lucky at games of chance and to help open up your mind to dream of winning numbers and help give you lucky hunches to know when to play and what numbers to play.



With each Conjure Bag you will receive one package of Spiritual Activation Incense, Oil and a powerful Prayer to say to activate   your Conjure Bag.

Also as a special Bonus , you will receive the most sought after hidden Psychic Secret that you can use right now to make sure you get the results that you are looking for.

All Root Workers Conjure Spirit Bags

Are $55.00

Extra Postage will be charge for international Order



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