" Special Front Door Protection Spell Charm

Ageist Thieves, Robbers, Bad Luck and Wandering Ghosts

& Good Luck Blessing Kit to help bring
Good luck in the Home"



Protect your home spiritually and magically for protection and attract Good Luck in your home and life

This  is my very special down home front door\yard dust, is one of our best sellers and many people use it on a monthly basis.

They put it near their front door every month, to keep evil spells away from the home.

This super spells keeps and protects your home from harm, thief and evil. At the same time it brings very good luck into your home.

If people throw stuff at your front door or put evil spells down at your front door when you are not home.

This very powerful mix will send it back on the spot. Use for many years by thousand as the best thing for the home.

Use this very special mix once a week when you clean to keep your home free from evil spells. Also to keep good luck and peace in your home.

It's made with many special mystical herbs and powerful ingredients.

For best results, put down on your floor at night and early in the morning sweep up your floors with this special floor dust.

With Dr.DePrince famous strong floor dust  you will be please as so many happy clients have been for years do not let others put down evil spells at your front door to cause you evil problems in the home.



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